Aikido Journal Academy

On a mission to help forge the best instructors in the martial arts world.


The Concept

We produce next-generation instructor courses focusing on targeted, high-impact topics. Our programs are designed to complement and supplement the training instructors already receive from their mentors and organizations.

Aikido Journal Academy is built to help instructors learn from each other, share best practices, avoid mistakes, and support and accelerate each others’ development.

Live Seminars

For each course we develop, we'll host an instructor seminar with a leading master/subject matter expert. These seminars will build targeted skills, empower instructors, cultivate friendships, and open doors for future collaborations and knowledge exchanges.

Online Courses

Available to everyone, these courses are comprehensive modular programs with compelling video, technical commentary, and instructor guidelines and tools. Our course format is designed from the ground up to leverage best practices for maximizing the effectiveness of online learning.

Bulletproofing Pins

Learn more about our first course, designed to amplify our skills and deepen our understanding of classical aikido pins.


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