Bulletproofing Pins

An Instructor Course

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The Concept

Our first progressive instructor course, designed to explore facets of aikido from a new perspective in collaboration with an outside expert.


Learn a set of extensions and henka-waza for aikido pins. These techniques have been carefully selected to naturally extend our pin capabilities, leverage aikido-based movement patterns, and align with key tactical priorities: maintaining mobility, preserving situational awareness, and minimizing harm. 

Training Drills

Discover a set of training drills designed to build skill with new techniques and develop the movement fluency to execute them without thought - both in a traditional class format and more "alive" scenarios. These drills are informative, fun, and a potent tool for building new skills and movement capabilities. 

Concepts and Theory

Starting with clearly defined learning objectives, you'll be guided through our design parameters and key concepts as you're introduced to new techniques and training methods. You'll finish the course with a deep understanding of new techniques as well as their advantages, disadvantages, and the biomechanical concepts and tactical rationale behind them.  

A Sharp Focus

This course is designed with a sharp focus to introduce new concepts, techniques, and principles to advanced aikido practitioners and instructors.

For this course, we've collaborated with a jiujitsu expert (and aikido black belt) who serves as a subject matter expert in the area of pins and ne-waza (ground technique). We've used his expertise not to teach jiujitsu, but to present a curated set of techniques, principles and responses that can serve as natural extensions to our aikido pins and suwari-waza. 

Professional Development

Bulletproofing Pins is a next-generation course designed as a professional development program for aikido instructors.

The course includes technical instruction, design theory, training methods, instructor guidelines, curriculum and templates for running your own workshops with the curriculum, as well as other support tools and resources for instructors.

Join us and let's level up together.

"A clear and professional presentation. It is thorough and sensitive to aikido instructors, safely covering solutions to openings in classical aikido pins. The techniques are skillfully demonstrated and are viable, practical alternatives to supplement classical aikido finishes. I believe that this work fills a void in the aikido world."

Bruce Bookman
6th dan Aikikai, Kaicho Tenzan Aikido

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Extend your knowledge and skills, and experience this next-gen instructor development course. If you're not satisfied, Aikido Journal will happily issue you a full refund.


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