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Koichi Tohei (10th dan)

Koichi Tohei was aikido's first 10th dan and served as chief instructor of the Aikikai Hombu Dojo for nearly 2 decades. Learn about his amazing life story and experience the beauty and power of his aikido at the height of his powers. 

The Man

A sickly child overcame the odds to become one of the key shapers of the art of aikido. Driven by passion and vision, Tohei faced challenges, disappointments, and even betrayal on his quest to realize his vision.

The Martial Artist

The beautiful footage featured in this course covers an expansive range of technical demonstrations. Each of the 79 modules contains a short film with an original music score.

The Legend

Take a journey through Tohei's legendary feats and accomplishments. Learn about aikido's first 10th dan, a man so integral to the expansion of aikido that his notoriety often eclipsed  that of the founder.

Continuing the Tradition

This course was originally created by Stanley Pranin, the founder of Aikido Journal. We've updated the entire course with improved video, a new original music score and professional voice narration. 

Each of the 79 modules in the course has a beautifully showcased technique demonstrated by Tohei at the hight of his abilities, along with a short story or insightful fact about this legendary master. 

This tribute to one of the great  pioneers of aikido, and a key influencer of aikido's technical system, will take you on an insightful and inspiring journey. This course is an essential resource for instructors and serious practitioners. 


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