Aikido Extensions

with Bruce Bookman



Harden Your Defenses

An innovative approach to extending classical aikido to modern attacks. 

Strike Defense

Learn counters to jabs, crosses, knee strikes, and kicks that will allow you to close the distance safely and lead you into classical aikido techniques. 

Ground Defense

Counter a double-leg takedown, escape from the mount, and learn defensive ground tactics that will lead you back to a place where you can use your aikido.

Countering Resistance

Gain new tools to counter resistance and regain control with an innovative set of henka-waza/technique transformations. 

A Master's Thesis

With nearly 50 years of aikido experience, a black belt in BJJ with almost 25 years training, and boxing skills, Bruce Bookman brings a unique understanding and approach to this set of extensions to classical aikido techniques. 

This masterfully-architected system is a fascinating study worthy of exploration by experienced instructors and beginners alike.  

Course Modules

Over 2.5 hours of video content, including detailed instructional modules and an extended video of Aikido Journal's live instructor seminar with Bruce Bookman.

Course Introduction

Welcome to Aikido Extensions

On Self-Defense and Modern Attacks

Course Overview with Bruce Bookman


The Seminar

A 90-minute edit of Aikido Journal's instructor seminar with Bruce Bookman. Contains 33 techniques and training drills.



Glossary of Attacks

Jab > Kotegaeshi 

Defenses Against Low Kicks 

The Stomping Kick


Clinches and Takedowns

Muay Thai Clinch > Sutemi-waza

Double Leg Takedown 

Double Leg Takedown > Iriminage 

Double Leg Takedown > Sutemi-waza 


Henka Waza

Shihonage > Sankyo

Ryotedori Kokyunage > Double Leg Takedown 

Suwari Waza Sumi Otoshi

Shihonage > Wing Sweep


Ground Escapes

Essential Jiu Jitsu Positions

Essential Jiu Jitsu Escapes 


Skills and Drills

Suwari Waza Ikkyo > Knee on Belly

Closing the Distance 

Freestyle Training Example



Meet Your Instructor

Martial Inspiration: Roy Dean on Bruce Bookman

Photo Journal: The Instructor Seminar

Podcast Interview with Bruce Bookman

Rolling: Thomas and Roy

Rolling: Bruce and Roy


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